letter boxes

Design, function, and individuality - perfectly combined

Forerunners originated in the early ages of seafaring, when letters were stored at exposed spots, the senders hoping ships passing in the opposite direction would collect them. Today letter boxes can be found on almost every house, office building, and industrial complex, made in various designs and from various materials like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or color-coated steel.

Surface-mounted | Flush-mounted letter box
Fast and easily installed surface-mounted letter boxes are the ideal solution for refurbished entrances. The flush-mounted version often is the most elegant way to receive mail, even more so when combined with matching door communication and lighting systems. 

Pass-through letter box
Mainly used in multi-family buildings these drop boxes are mostly inset in the house façade or the side part of the house entrance.

Free-standing letter box
When neither house façade nor side part of the entrance hold any space for mail, letter boxes can be mounted on a free-standing rack and set up anywhere on the premises.

Letter Box - Flush-mounted - Hermann Künneke GmbH
Letter Box - Free-standing - Hermann Künneke GmbH
Letter Box - Surface-mounted - Hermann Künneke GmbH