locking systems

Protection and convenience for your object - A lasting investment in your security

Consisting of several correlating locking cylinders, there is a variety of locking systems to choose from:

  1. Keyed alike system
  2. Central keyed system
  3. Master keyed system
  4. Central master keyed system
  5. Grand master keyed system

Considering all requirements we will determine which system is the best fit for your object, including measurement, functionality planning, lock plan preparation, and installation.

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locking cylinders

Double profile cylinders are the most common - they can be locked with the corresponding key from both sides. Regardless of whether one decides on a conventional design or a reversible key system, locking cylinders provide professional, secure locking technology.

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Private residences as well as office buildings or industrial complexes along with the assets within can be effectively protected with only a few simple provisions. In order to determine whether an electronic or a mechanical locking system provides a sufficient level of security, the following questions can give helpful pointers:

  1. How old are your locking cylinders?
  2. Do you know how many people have a key to your door?
  3. Are the windows and doors to cellar, warehouse and terrace secured with a safety lock?
  4. Do you own a security card? Who can reproduce your keys?
  5. Does a locking cylinder protrude more than 3 milimeters from the fitting?
  6. Which resistance grade are your door and window fittings?

Talk to us - we will be happy to advise you in all aspects regarding security and burglary protection.

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